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Divorce Without Lawyers

Many couples would like to divorce without an Attorney for very good reasons. They want to avoid the high costs of being Attorney represented. They want to avoid the conflict-oriented nature of an Attorney driven divorce. They believe that they can sort everything out themselves. These are excellent reasons to avoid using an Attorney and in many cases, it will work. Here's a checklist of some of the things to consider if you want to file an uncontested divorce worked out strictly between you and your spouse: Do you both agree, for good reason, to waive Spousal Support? Do you have little or no community Assets & Debts to divide? Are you free of lingering mutual obligations such as car loans, residence leases, real estate, etc? Are there minor children born of your marriage? And if so, do you agree on Custody, Visitation and Child Support? A simple divorce without children, mutual obligations and little or no Assets & Debts to divide can conceivably be handled by just the two of you.

Now here's the HOWEVER! Many marriages, even those of very short duration, may qualify one of you for Spousal Support. So just waiving it may not be fair. Most marriages have at least some Assets & Debts to divide, so dividing those fairly often means using neutral and objective Mediation in the assessment process. Many marriages have lingering mutual obligations, so having a Mediator experienced in how to help you define the conditions and protections of continuing those obligations may be important. And most important of all, if there are minor children born of your marriage, it is vital that you have neutral and objective Mediation help you define the elements of your Custody and Visitation Order including; custody schedules, child support and additional shared costs of raising minor children, as well as design a detailed Cooperative Co-parenting Agreement.

If you want to avoid the high cost and possible contentiousness of an Attorney driven divorce. Good for you! But step wisely. Especially if you have Assets & Debts, Spousal Support, Child Support, Custody and Visitation matters. Mediation by Sagestones is ideally suited to help you divorce at a fraction of the cost of an Attorney driven divorce and, at the same time, guide you through the maze of agreements that create a fair and equitable divorce. Sagestones can produce a Complete Marital Settlement Agreement in Orange County (Which becomes your enforceable Judgment and is identified as an Attachment to Judgment in Los Angeles County). Sagestones will also produce and file all of the court documents necessary to open and close your Divorce. Should an attorney have some involvement in your divorce? In most cases yes. We encourage our clients to have an attorney review their agreement settled through Mediation for fairness and equitability before they sign it!

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For a Complete Divorce through Mediation in Orange County & San Diego County, call 949.489.7652. __________________________ Sagestones Divorce, Mediation & Paralegal Services for Orange County, San Diego County and Los Angeles County. __________________________

The Sagestones Mediator Advantage

We have more than 12 years of experience in Completing Divorces or Legal Separations in Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego. We believe that lawyers are vital to making sure that a divorce is properly prepared, fair and equitable, so we have some excellent Consulting Attorneys to do just that, for example, in Orange County we think very highly of Dan O"Sullivan. But we also believe that the process of working through all of the elements of a complete divorce can be well done, peacefully so, by a skilled Mediator trained in counseling. So our Mediators are Licensed Marriage, Family & Child Therapists or Psychologists. Our Sagestones Mediators blend Counseling skills with an understanding of Divorce/Separation Guidelines, and that serves you well as the foundation for helping you and your spouse move past fear, anger and mistrust in order to complete a fair and equitable divorce based on California guideline law. ________________________ A COMPLETE SAGESTONES DIVORCE INCLUDES ________________________
  • A Cooperative Custody & Co-Parenting Agreement

  • A Comprehensive Parenting Schedule including Holidays & Vacations

  • Child Support, Child Care & Additional Shared Costs

  • Health Insurance

  • Who Claims the Kids for Taxes

  • A Fair Division of All Assets, Debts & Community Property

  • Retirement Plan Divisions

  • Spousal Support Agreements

  • And Everything Else That is Unique & Important to Your Divorce

_________________________ If you have kids...who better to guide you through the difficult divorce transition than a Mediator with years of experience working with parents and children? _________________________ There are some specific strategies that Sagestones employs to help you help your kids. Those strategies are based on these concepts: 1) Practice Change. 2) Practice the New Normal. 3) Display Unity in Parenting.4) Learn How to Use the Parent Journal. 5) Make Graceful Transitions. _________________________ A good Divorce Mediator wears many hats to do the following: Settle Assets & Debts. Establish Support. Create a Cooperative Co-parenting Plan. Help parties make a financial plan for separating and affording to live apart. Help minimize the effects of divorce on job performance...and an area of great concern: Teach parents how to minimize the negative effects of separation and divorce on the kids. _________________________ With so many years of experience as Counselors and Mediators, in Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego,,and with experienced para-legals and consulting attorneys supporting you behind the scenes, we are prepared to help you and your family through your divorce or Legal Separation gracefully and fairly.

We Can Help In Any Of These Divorce Situations

Uncontested Cases, Contested Cases, Cases where one or both parties already have an attorney, Cases where immediate Orders are needed, Custody Disputes, Support Orders, Cases with Hearings Scheduled, Cases where Modifications to existing orders are desired, Creating Stipulated Agreements, and so on... _________________________ Many couples come to us knowing the benefits of a mediated divorce and want a well detailed Settlement Agreement. These are Uncontested Cases. But it is high conflict couples who need us the most! These are often Contested Cases. Kids get damaged in the middle of a hostile, contested, divorce. Often, one party already has an attorney. Sometimes both parties do. In either case, they realize that high legal costs and court hearings are not the way they want to keep going. We are experienced mediating such cases with attorneys taking the back seat and reviewing the clients’ agreements that we produce. _________________________ Is a Hearing coming up? On the day of a hearing, Judges often send parties (and their lawyers, if any) out in the hallway to negotiate before trying the case. Sagestones Mediators have joined in on many hallway negotiations! Sometimes an existing order needs to be modified (Such as Custody or Support). Or an event has occurred that makes it unsafe for shared custody to continue for a while. We are skilled at handling all of these matters, including filing the necessary court documents and preparing Declarations and Responsive Declarations. _________________________ So if you are both cooperative, we can help. If your relationship is contentious, we can help. If one or both of you have attorneys, we can help. If there is a hearing scheduled, we can help. If you need a hearing asap, we can help. Just give us a call and explain your situation. We'll let you know just how we would intervene.

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